Do you have a dream — to build a house or open a factory? But you do not know where to start? We will help to solve this problem. Before proceeding to the construction of the building, do the design work.

For those who are not strong in this area, please note that the construction has several stages: preliminary design (Figure future structure), detailed design (all necessary for the construction drawings, calculations of constructed structures), supervision (consultation and supervision of the construction of specialist ). Any design work for Russia can do for you professionally.


What can we build a house? The well-known adage still disingenuous: to build a house, you must do a lot of work. Among them, an important step is the survey of buildings and facilities in Lipetsk, as well as in Russia.

At this stage, it is crucial to objectively assess the technical condition and the actual carrying capacity of structures. Here experts calculate the risks and problems associated with the construction of the building.

Our organization offers its customers a full range of services related to the design of industrial and residential buildings.

We carefully monitor the implementation of the project at all stages — from the preparation of the sketch up to date of the project under the «key.»

Our Design Institute develops projects of any complexity, the work is carried out not only in Lipetsk region, but also in other regions of the country.

We guarantee a minimum time on engineering and its coordination at various levels.

The earlier professional advisers of  «Lipetsk Regional CENTRE QUALITY» will be put to work with the customer, from the selection of the product range, its volume, creating a business plan, and, further, siting and design, obtain specifications, design work and passage state examination, building permit, to assist the customer in the organization of the tender selection for suppliers of equipment, construction and installation works of the author and technical supervision, the better the outcome and financial efficiency realization of your project.